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About me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Alex Semakin, I live in Perm, Russia, and I teach English here. I’m also an online tutor in methods of teaching English at i-to-i, UK ( I’m doing my MA TESOL online at the University of Manchester.

I am a Russian citizen, but ethnically, I’m of mixed blood: Jewish, Russian, Udmurt and Gypsy. Semakin is an Udmurt family name, and Udmurt is an endangered language. (Semakin also means ‘more and more’ in Indonesian, quite coincidentally 🙂 )

My native language is Russian and I’m fluent in English. I used to be fluent in French and upper-intermediate in Spanish but both are getting a bit rusty due to infrequent use. I intend to revive them and learn a couple of new languages too. I also want to learn a little bit about a great many other languages.

Even as I play an active role in Anglicizing the world through my teaching, I also feel that the day the whole world becomes monolingual, it will be an intolerably boring place. I’m embarking on a project to promote the teaching and study of Less Commonly Taught Languages. I don’t know what will come out of it yet, but at this point, I thought I might start by doing what I love to do: talk about languages. And I thought that the best medium for it would be this blog. I hope you find it interesting.

I am 38, my wife is a psychotherapist (which makes me a bit of a psychotherapist too 🙂 and I have two kids, a daughter of 17 and a son of 8.

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